Thursday, August 9, 2007

Bloggers for MMP

Welcome to Bloggers for Mixed Member Proportiona (MMP). That was a mouthful so just call us Bloggers for MMP. MMP is the new proportional representation voting system that voters are being asked to consider by the Ontario Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform in a referendum on October 10, 2007 . If you're wondering what the heck MMP is, best to click here to learn more.

The purpose of this blog is to link and network pro-MMP bloggers and websites with the Vote for MMP website and campaign. By placing a hyperlinked campaign logo prominently on your blog, your readers and loyal fans can learn more about the referendum, why they should support it and how they can help the campaign. Together, we can make history.

Bloggers for MMP welcomes any blogger or website that supports MMP. Just as bloggers come in all shapes, sizes, colours, interests, political views and corner of the province, so do voters. The blogosphere reflects the real world. As bloggers, we have a special role to play in reaching out to people who have become disenchanted, cynical and disengaged from our electoral and political process. So whatever your interest, if you support MMP, display our logo.

Bloggers for MMP can bring a message of hope - that our democracy can be enhanced by giving voters more say in shaping the governments that affect all our lives and by valuing the ideal that a mandate to govern be granted by a majority of the voters. MMP can deliver on that ideal and produce those results. The current system cannot, and hasn't in Ontario since 1937.

If you support MMP, let everyone know. Visit our website regularly for the latest news and campaign updates - stuff you can blog about. We can win this campaign. But to do so, we've got a big job ahead of us to help voters learn what they need to know about the referendum question and why this proposal is in their interest, not the interest of the backroom operators who have been accustomed to designing strategies to win elections with much less than a majority of the overall vote.

We're getting things in place. The first 11 Bloggers for MMP are already on board. Thanks to Miss Vicky, Scott Tribe and Jim Calder for helping us get the ball rolling. Welcome to our 2 Saskatchewan bloggers Ryan &

To join us, please send an e-mail to Bloggers for MMP (mmpbloggers at gmail dot com) or click the e-mail icon at the bottom of this post. We'll send you our logo - choice of black or white. We'll also send you our bi-weekly newsletter and link back to your site.

We've already had a couple of volunteers step forward to help with the production and distribution of a variety of logos. Coming soon.

Bloggers outside of Ontario are also encouraged to participate. It's not every day that a "Citizens Assembly" of people like you and I get to study, consult and recommend serious change that will give greater voice to voters.

The Vote for MMP campaign is a project of Fair Vote Canada.

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Saskboy said...

Since I want MMP in Saskatchewan, I'm supporting Ontarians' who decide to change their electoral system away from FPTP.