Friday, August 10, 2007

What are we trying to do?

How are we going to win this when there are so many hurdles to jump? Where does Bloggers for MMP fit in?

Vote for MMP goal
- Build a huge network of people who understand the proposal and can explain it to their family, friends and others in as few words as possible. In other words, an informed citizenry that values fairness as something important in life and strong representation as something important in politics.

The method - Get the word out through our networks and our network's networks. Get people learning about it. Get people talking about it. For online, that means blogs, email, u-tube, facebook and anywhere else people are talking to each other. Vote for MMP has a (not nearly large enough) team working on that now.

The task - Attract as many people as we can to Vote for MMP for learning and action. We have started a $10.10 donation campaign to enable thousands of people to be part of the campaign - to say that they're ready for a change and make it possible for the campaign reach out to millions of voters.

How? Put as many of our links and logos as we can on as many blogs and websites that we can - anywhere (well not everywhere). You can also send our campaign link - Vote for MMP - to your email contacts.
Your next steps - Link to Vote for MMP and ask another blogger to participate. OR recommend a blog and we'll contact them. OR Tell everyone in your address book to visit

My next step - Find someone to help with this while I'm away next week.

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